Eastern Along Group Participated in AveSui 2017 Successfully

发布时间:2017-04-28 来源:东方澳门新葡8455

    AveSui 2017, the largest and the most famous livestock fair in Latin America, was held in Brazil's Florianopolis City, April 25-27, 2017. Following the VIV Asia 2017, Eastern Along Group (EAG) participated in the international fair again, and showed EAG’s high quality products and professional services to the international market in AveSui 2017!

    There were more than 150 exhibitors took part, exhibiting the cutting-edge technology and the latest products of animal husbandry industry. The experts and professional audience of the industry also gathered here. In view of the characteristics of the South American market, EAG took the special product of ruminant products as exhibits. Including HOOF HEALTH EXPERT, Omilk, Clomax, EpriVet, Alphaxin, AlphAlong, Aplus, Moringa, Dutyl, AltMac,etc. In order to enhance the publicity effect, we specially designed the propaganda both in English and Portuguese.

    During this three days, the booth of EAG attracted a lot of buyers. And our staff had always been full of enthusiasm, patient to communicate with them. After introducing the products’ feature and advantage, some of them were expected to cooperate with us.

    Viewing on the dynamic of today's animal health care industry, grasp the demand means grasping tomorrow. EAG will provide high quality products and professional services for the international animal health care industry, devoted to promoting the development of the international animal health care industry.EAG creates value for stakeholders!

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